It’s our vision to foster an inclusive culture where all associates feel like they are being heard, where our leaders and teams reflect the diversity of the changing workforce and our customers, and where we value the power of differences to drive innovation and business success for Goodyear.

When we work together as one team and share our perspectives, our differences in backgrounds, talent, experiences, and personalities become our strength.

For more than 120 years, Goodyear has been developing products and services that keep the world moving. From emergency response vehicles that save lives each day to aircraft that make global travel possible to the cars, SUVs and trucks that bring people home to their families, Goodyear tires play an integral role in bringing people together and making transportation possible.

In our relentless pursuit of forward motion, Goodyear is constantly evolving as we work to improve our performance. In addition to continuously improving product quality and developing new innovative technologies, we must also work toward building a better future for the world around us.

Pillars of our Corporate Responsibility Strategy


  • Sustainable Raw Materials and Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management

Focus Areas

  • Source sustainable natural rubber
  • Increase sustainable material usage
  • Pursue raw material traceability
  • Remove materials of concern
  • Manage supply chain ESG risks


  • Safety and Health
  • Operational Impacts
  • Product Quality
  • End-of-Life Tires
  • Business Continuity

Focus Areas

  • Culture of safety and health
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Produce high-quality products
  • Drive ELT to beneficial reuse
  • Risk analysis and mitigation


  • Advancing Tire Performance
  • Shaping the Mobility Revolution

Focus Areas

  • Fuel efficiency, safety, longevity and comfort
  • Fleets, autonomous, connected and electric vehicles


  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Talent Development

Focus Areas

  • Demonstrate ethical values
  • Healthy and well workforce
  • Global community management
  • Diverse and inclusive culture
  • Robust talent development

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